• may 2019:


    122 backers pledged $25,565 on kickstarter to help us bring a new fitness studio to memphis.

    It's been a whirlwind adventure fundraising for this project. We are so, so thankful to everyone who contributed, shared our story, came out to the volunteer cleanup days, and made this such a SUCCESS. We are currently working on renovations at the new studio space, and are expecting a grand opening in Fall 2019. To stay in the know about the new studio, sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page.

  • Many thanks to the generous donors

    who are making our dreams for the new space come true.


    Alex Joslin

    Amy Wardinski

    Angie Thomason

    Anna Grundstrom

    Anna Vogelzang


    Ashley Elizabeth Keane

    Audrey B.

    Aurora Sky

    Barbie Wyre

    Ben Wright

    Bob + Jatziry

    Bobbie Maniscalco

    Carl Wiemann

    Chris Carlile

    Clover Chrome

    Coco & Lola's Lingerie Memphis

    Danielle Christine of Movement Lab

    Dawn Clement

    Donna Barden

    Ed & Vicki Park

    Emma Alexandra

    Emmilynne Quinn

    Empyrean Arts of Asheville, NC


    Erin Elizabeth

    Grace Lee

    Greg O'Malley & Andrew Haarsager

    Hallie Star

    Hilary Kate


    Janet Cee

    Jasmine Jackson

    Jasper Jai

    Jessica Noele DeWitt

    Jessica Shea, LCSW

    Johanna "Spartakowski" Szarkowski

    Kasia Jarosz

    Kat Addams

    Katy Higgins

    Kelsey and Jay North

    Kerry Cutrell

    Kiki Dance Studio


    Kris Zeppelin

    La Luna Aerial Arts LLC

    Lara Michaels

    Lauren Willingham

    LaurieJean Weldon

    Leah Ford

    Leslie Ruckman

    Liz Adora Waddell

    Luke Escamilla

    Margaret Anne

    Marjorie Levy

    Melissa Hope

    Melissa McEniry

    Memphis Education

    Memphis Molly

    Meri Burgess

    mind/body HAUS



    Papa Chubb

    Rosellen McGary

    Roxy Road

    Sara Gunning

    Scott Anderson

    Serendipity Petra

    Shiloh Grace

    Sihuen the Korean

    Sonya Burns

    Sunshyne Taylor

    Taylor Sherbine


    Twen Peeks

    Valkyrie Flame

    Vaughan & Nicole