Bendy Beast Fitness is a safe space for all body types, genders, ages, races, and sexual orientations. Whoever you are and wherever you're at on your fitness journey, we pride ourselves on accepting and supporting everyone.


    Pole fitness is an incredible way to build strength and agility, increase confidence, and empower yourself in all areas of your life.

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  • PLanning Your Visit:

    • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so you can find parking, check in, change clothes if needed, and we can all start class on time. Late arrivals disrupt class for everyone.
    • Our studio is located at 417 S. Main St. #103, next to the Blues Hall of Fame. It is a yellow brick building that has a gate at out front.
    • Street parking is available on South Main Street right in front of the building - during class hours parking is free. Free parking can also found on the side streets. Please leave extra time to find parking - we don't have a private lot.
    • When you are at the gate, call or text us at (917) 843-6161 to be let in.
    • We do have a bathroom/changing room available for your use.
    • If you are taking a pole class, wear booty shorts and a tank top, with any warmer layers you would like on top.
    • Don't apply lotion the day of class - it will make you slide off the pole.
    • If you are taking an aerial hoop or hammock class, wear tight-fitting clothes, including a shirt with sleeves that covers your armpits and pants that cover the back of your knees.
    • If you are taking an floorwork class, wear layers that you can take off as needed. You may also want to have kneepads.
    • If you are taking a flexibility or strength class, you may wear whatever feels comfortable to move and stretch in. Tighter-fitting clothes will help your instructor see your body alignment more easily.

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