• Love Your Body

    Other gyms tell you to change your body so you can love it. We teach you to love the body you're already in, so you can enjoy movement again and celebrate all you're capable of.



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    Our conveniently-located Midtown Memphis studio is right at the corner of two of the city's biggest streets, Lamar Ave & Bellevue Blvd.


    We're just minutes away from Downtown, Crosstown & Cooper-Young. For those commuting from farther out, we are only one block away from Exit 29 on I-240.

  • why pole dancing and aerial arts?

    Most gyms and fitness professionals tell you to change your body so you can love it. In our experience, that's bullshit, and leaves people constantly at war with their body image.


    We believe that you can learn to love your body first, exactly as it is, for all that it does, and then choose to make healthy and lasting changes. At the heart of the pole community is a mindset of self love without shame.


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  • are you ready to start your journey?

    Pole dancing will increase your strength, grace, agility, and coordination, and teach you do things with your body that you never thought possible.


    This new-found respect and love for all that your body can do may deepen into a discipline and commitment to self-care that ripples through all parts of your life. You may find yourself changing the way you exercise and eat, and even how you treat work and relationships.

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    1202 Minna Place
    Memphis, TN 38104
    Mondays: 12:00PM - 9:00PM
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    Thursdays: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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    Sundays: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
    (901) 235-0855
  • we're so much fun, you won't realize how hard you're working out.

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