Bendy Beast Fitness is Memphis' premier pole dancing and pole fitness community. Our diverse community teaches self love and self care through movement arts to all types of people throughout Memphis and the Mid-South.


    We believe that every single person can learn to make choices from a place of self love and self care, rather than striving to be someone different from who you are today. This mental transformation will bring positive changes to your life beyond what you can even imagine.


    We are a safe space for all body types, genders, ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, and ability levels. Whoever you are and wherever you're at on your fitness and wellness journey, we are here for everyone. We pride ourselves on accepting, nurturing, and empowering all types of students to become their best selves.


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    Most gyms and fitness professionals tell you to change your body so you can love it. In our experience, that's bullshit, and leaves people constantly at war with their body image. We believe that you must love your body first, exactly as it is, for all that it does, before you can make healthy and lasting changes.



    The pole journey is for all people and all bodies, period. Bendy Beast Fitness is a safe space for all body types, genders, ages, races, sexual orientations, and ability levels. Whoever you are and wherever you're at on your fitness journey, we pride ourselves on accepting and supporting everyone.


    There is nothing more empowering than being connected to yourself, loving yourself, and trusting yourself. Our instructors and your fellow students are the guides who may help get you there. Ultimately, feeling fabulous is an inside job that you must do for yourself. In our experience, though, the pole community works miracles to repeatedly get students of all types to move towards feeling like their most empowered selves.


    Anyone who has made it to adulthood in our society has something to heal from, especially regarding body image and sexuality. Healing can only happen when the body and mind feel safe. After finding a loving connection to your body, a supportive community, and a positive self-image, you may find yourself ready to dig into deeper healing.
    We can only take you so far, and if you find yourself digging into deep layers of trauma, we absolutely recommend bringing a licensed therapist into your journey. Pole classes and community can be a great compliment to deep healing work.


    As you find yourself living your life from a place of self love, and healing past wounds, you may find that the things you previously identified yourself with may fall away. This can feel messy and complicated, and is an especially important time to let yourself connect with the community and remember you are not alone. Many things in your life may shift towards new values and a new identity that feels more true to yourself, rather than anything anyone else expects from you or has taught you. We will not teach you new values - we simply hope to be there to support what ever you discover.
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