Bendy Flexibility

    Let's get bendy and flexy! Increase your flexibility and mobility, especially stretching towards splits and bridges. We will do a full-body warm-up, and then go deeper into hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, and back. We'll help move through any muscle soreness and stiffness and get you feeling your best self, so you can move through the world with ease and make all the shapes you dream of on the pole.


    What you need:

    No experience needed, open to all levels.

    Aerial Yoga (Hammock)

    Learn to use the aerial hammock to stretch, bend and lengthen. This class teaches a series of yoga poses using the hammock, which will help aid and support your practice. Aerial yoga will leave you feeing calm, restored and refreshed. This class is especially good for injury prevention and injury rehab for pole dancers and aerialists.


    What you need:

    None, open to all levels

    Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

    Come fly in the aerial hoop! Our class is for students at all levels. For beginners, we'll focus on building strength, grace, and agility as you go through the fundamentals. For students with experience, our focus is on building a combination of tricks in the aerial hoop, and learning to dance your aerial flow.


    What you need:

    No experience needed, open to all levels.

    Pole Level 1

    Welcome to your pole journey! Get ready to transform the way you see your body and the way you move through the world. Our focus is on learning to relate to the pole, and building strength, grace and agility.


    What you need:

    No experience needed, open to all levels.

    Pole Level 2

    Congratulations, you've leveled up! This class is for the returning poler who is looking to grow their skills. Our focus is on learning to climb the pole, flow different tricks together, and carry yourself with confidence.


    What you need:

    Pole walk, basic spins, one climb up the pole.

    Pole Level 3

    Whip your hair and fly -- you've taken flight! This class is for students who are comfortably climbing and are ready to turn their world upside-down. We'll learn the art of safely going upside-down on the pole. We'll continue polishing the skills you know, stringing tricks together into flows, and mentally challenging yourself to bring confidence and grace to any situation.


    What you need:

    Comfortable climbing up the pole, solid pole crunches (leg lifts) from the ground, solid pole sit, jasmine and genie from the ground.

    Pole Level 4

    You are airborne! Now that you know how to fly, we're going to have even more fun with it and make it as fabulous as possible. We'll learn a variety of tricks and shapes, string them together into unexpected combinations, and continue working on bringing your signature style and flair to everything you do.


    What you need:

    Comfortable climbing up the pole, solid invert (chopper) from the ground, solid pole sit, jasmine and genie from up the pole.

    Pole Mixed Levels

    This class is for students at any level of pole. We will teach you skills depending on where you're at! Come on in and learn new skills, and/or clean up the ones you already have.


    What you need: Open to all levels, beginner through advanced

    Heels Flow

    Heels add a whole new art and skill set to your movement, and we're going to teach you how to best use them to your advantage. We'll work on presenting your legs and feet while dancing to show off the shoes, as well as building the strength in your feet, calves, and hips to move in stilettos with confidence. We recommend wearing Pleasers or other shoes specifically meant for pole, however for your first few classes you may wear street shoes or work flat-footed in socks for gliding.


    What you need:

    Pole Level 2+, bring your shoes! Pleaser brand or other style specifically meant for pole is highly recommended.


    No experience need! Learn how to put your booty in motion in our Twerk classes. You'll learn pops, claps, shakes and more in this hour long class that will get you laughing, dancing, sweating, and loving your body.


    What you need:

    We recommend wearing something you can see your booty jiggle in! Very short shorts, loose shorts or loose pants are best.

    Handstands & Conditioning

    Learn how to get upside down, and build your strength with gymnastics-based bodyweight conditioning exercises. This is a full body workout that will target all your muscle groups. Get strong everywhere and work towards handstands and handbalancing.


    What you need:

    No experience needed, open to all levels.

    Intro to Weightlifting

    Let's get strong! This class focuses on strength training by lifting weights. No experience needed - we will focus on the fundamentals of weight training, learning proper form, and using low weight/high rep activites to build both strength and stability. Unleash your beast!


    What you need:

    No experience needed, open to all levels.

    Open Studio

    Our open studio hour is only $15 and is here for you to use any of the equipment and work on anything you'd like to practice. There will be no instruction, though an instructor will be in the studio to make sure everything is safe. Come out and practice and play!


    What you need:

    Prior classes recommended - this studio time has no instruction.

    Studio Rentals

    The studio is available for hourly rentals ($44/hr) for practice space - contact us to book your spot. We can provide pole, hoop, or hammock equipment, or an open dance floor.

    Private Lessons

    The studio is also available for private lessons with our instructors ($88/hr for the first 1 or 2 people, and an additional $22/person for groups larger than 2). Contact us to book your spot.


    Yes, we do parties! Pole parties are our most popular - for Birthdays, Bachelorette's or Girls Night Out groups. We are happy to host a party for any reason, and can also offer Aerial/circus parties with the hoops and hammocks.


    Our Midtown location can host parties up to 14 people. Parties are an hour long and include instruction, as well as time for photos. A $99 deposit holds your spot, and an additional $22/person attending is due the day of the party. Contact us to book your spot.

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