Pole Level 2+3 Teacher Training: begins May 5, 2024

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Are you ready to expand your pole teacher toolkit?

As a pole instructor, you already know how magical it is to give back to the community and inspire others! Now it's time to go beyond teaching beginners, and step into the role of an Intermediate Pole Instructor.

Teaching intermediate students comes with a very different set of needs, expectations and challenges than teaching beginners. In this program we will set you up for success in teaching students at this level, as they build the strength and confidence to go upside-down safely, and begin constructing combinations of multiple tricks up the pole..

The training happens over 8 weeks, beginning May 5, 2024. We will meet as a group every Sunday afternoon from 3:00-6:00PM. Each module will focus on a different specific skill set that is needed to become a successful, safe, and well-rounded instructor.

  • WEEK 1: Sunday, May 5. Introductions, Intention Setting, and Discussing Differences Between the Beginner and Intermediate Pole Student
  • WEEK 2: Sunday, May 12. Warm-Up, Flexibility and Conditioning Drills For the Intermediate Pole Student
  • WEEK 3: Sunday, May 19. Pole Level 2 Fundamental Pole Skills
  • WEEK 4: Sunday, May 26. Spotting For Inverts
  • Sunday, Jun 2: No Class
  • WEEK 5: Sunday, Jun 9. Pole Level 3 Fundamental Pole Skills
  • WEEK 6: Sunday, Jun 16. Intermediate Floorwork and Dancing In Heels
  • WEEK 7: Sunday, Jun 23. Building Combinations and Flows, and Constructing a Complete Class
  • WEEK 8: Sunday, Jun 30. Final Teaching Tests



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This training will be held weekly on Sundays from 3:00 to 6:00pm at the Bendy Beast Fitness Studio in Memphis, TN. The first session will be on May 5 th, 2024, and the final session on June 30th, 2024.

All modules are required to graduate. Any missed sessions may be made up as private lessons, at the instructor's private lesson rate ($88/hr.) Please schedule your make-up sessions as soon as possible, so we can be sure to get you a time that works. Expect to spend 2 hours in a private to make up a week's curriculum.

In addition to the weekly group session in the studio, students should expect to spend 3 hours a week on homework assignments. Access to a pole will be necessary for the homework. We will provide free studio rentals to anyone who wants to use the studio space for their homework ($44/hr value).

Students in the teacher training program will also be expected to attend one Pole Level 2+3 class per week on the Bendy Beast Fitness schedule. This will be complimentary with the program fee ($175 value).

Program Prerequisites: To attend this program, you must have already completed a Pole Level 1 Teacher Training at Bendy Beast Fitness or elsewhere. Please email us proof of your prior teacher training at the time of sign-up.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Only 6 spots available per training.



$249 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. The remaining balance may be paid in $249 installments, and is due before the first day of the workshop.




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